Timothy Daly (daly@axiom-developer.org) Resume: (html) (pdf)

     CMU Visiting Scholar (GHC 7227)
     Axiom Lead Developer

     Proving Axiom Sane: ICMS 2018 talk
     TIRES: Robot-Human Cooperation (AI Research)    
Axiom is a general purpose, free, and open source Computer Algebra system. It was developed under the direction of Richard Jenks. I am the lead developer on the project.
Axiom has 70 subscribed developers and over 200 researchers worldwide.
Parametric Computation in Axiom: Towards Indefinite Symbolic Computing (NSF 2004-2006) co-PI
Quantian Live CD joint work
Real Algebraic Closure
Clifford Algebra
Parametric Linear Algebra
Infinite Group Theory
Axiom Type Resolution
Symbolic Summation
Literate Journal
Symbolic Group Theory
ACM ISSAC Proceedings
03/11 Axiom Debian Distribution
06/07 Axiom Workshop 2007
04/05 Axiom Conference
04/05 Axiom Monthly release
02/05 Axiom "Feature Complete" release
11/04 Windows port
10/04 Developer website
08/04 Axiom graphics
06/04 Axiom book published
02/04 Branch projects defined
01/04 Gnu Arch file server
12/03 Red Flag (Chinese)
          Linux version
11/03 Algebra completion
10/03 Website setup
09/03 Axiom released
Scone is a high-performance, open-source knowledge-base system intended for use as a component in many different software applications.
Scone is used to research problems in Knowledge representation

Magnus is a special purpose, free, and open source Computer Algebra system in Infinite Group Theory. It was developed under the direction of Gilbert Baumslag at City College of New York at part of the CAISS project.
Magnus is used worldwide to research problems in Infinite Group Theory.
Andrews-Curtis Conjecture ( code )

  4/05 Platform ports
  2/05 Baseline sources
12/04 ZLC Interface
11/04 GCC 3.3 port
10/04 CVS setup

Doyen is a Science Platform. It features a Live CD that contains free and open source science software and a Wiki user interface that runs on a laptop. It also features a host-based Wiki that allows drag-and-drop movement of literate programs. These literate programs contain both Latex and program source code and are automatically expanded into documentation, compiled, and added into the local system.
The Doyen Project is co-sponsored by CAISS and Red Hat.
CERT Function Extraction
Function Extraction (FX) is a disruptive new technology with potential to improve the economics of software development and increase the dependability of software systems.
Function Extraction video
  8/18 Proving Axiom Sane
  10/13 Planning challenges in a cooperative tire changing task
  4/13 Literate Programming in the Large slides video
  3/12 Literate Programming example with Clojure
  2/12 Being a Great Coder (Hacker News)
  2/12 Publishing Computational Mathematics (AMS Notices)
  2/11 Concordia: Google for Malware
  1/11 Computing the Behavior of Malware (HICSS 44)
  3/10 Concordia: A Google for Malware (CSIIRW'10)
  2/10 Test and Evaluation: Robot Forward Kinematics (Tech report)
  1/10 Concurrent Architecture for Automated Malware Classification (HICSS 43)
  1/09 Exploration of Software Behavior (HICSS 42)
  11/08 Concordia
  4/07 Function Extraction: Automated Behavior Computation
  1/07 A Semantic Recognizer
  7/04 Parametric Computation in Axiom (NSF Grant)
  1/88 (KROPS) Integrating Rules and Inheritance Networks
  6/87 BOXER -- A Design-to-Build System
  8/86 Advances in Rete Pattern Matching

Professional Activities

Axiom -- 30 Years of Lisp talk

Presentation to NYC Lisp Users Group
Trinity Church, NY, NY
May 10, 2005

Open Source Programming
Spring 2004

Philosophy, tools, and techniques for participating in open source projects. The class notes are online as tex, dvi, and pdf files.
Invited Talks
Literate Journal
Semantic Crystal
Industrial Contact
ISSAC Proceedings CD
Rosetta CD
Andrews-Curtis Conjecture
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