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/magnus/back_end/AProducts/include/AP-fixups.h File Reference

#include "SGofFreeGroup.h"
#include "Associations.h"
#include "File.h"

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struct  RelatorConjugate
class  DetailedReport


typedef VectorOf<RelatorConjugateProductOfRelatorConjugates


ostream& operator<< (ostream &ostr, const RelatorConjugate &rc)
istream& operator>> (istream &istr, RelatorConjugate &rc)
ostream& operator< (ostream &ostr, const RelatorConjugate &rc)
istream& operator> (istream &istr, RelatorConjugate &rc)
ProductOfRelatorConjugates conjugateBy (const ProductOfRelatorConjugates &product, const Word &conjugator)
void swap (T &a, T &b)
ostream& operator<< (ostream &o, const SGofFreeGroup &sg)
void excludeFrom (VectorOf< T > &v, int i)
VectorOf<T> cyclicallyPermute (const VectorOf< T > &v, int j)
void maximalRootInFreeGroup (const Word &w, Word &root, int &power)
Trichotomy conjugacyProblem (const FreeGroup &G, const Word &u, const Word &v, Word &conjugator)
VectorOf<int> exponentSum (const Word &w)
Word cyclicallyReduce (const Word &w, Word &conjugator)
Word compose (const VectorOf< Word > &v)
int tailAgreementLength (const Word &u, const Word &v)
int GCD2 (int a, int b)
Word cyclicallyShortenByRelators (const Word &u, const SetOf< Word > &givenRelators, Word &conjugator, ProductOfRelatorConjugates &productOfRelatorConjugates)

Typedef Documentation

typedef VectorOf<RelatorConjugate> ProductOfRelatorConjugates

Definition at line 79 of file AP-fixups.h.

Function Documentation

ostream & operator<< ( ostream & ostr,
const RelatorConjugate & rc ) [inline]

Definition at line 56 of file AP-fixups.h.

istream & operator>> ( istream & istr,
RelatorConjugate & rc ) [inline]

Definition at line 61 of file AP-fixups.h.

ostream & operator< ( ostream & ostr,
const RelatorConjugate & rc ) [inline]

Definition at line 67 of file AP-fixups.h.

istream & operator> ( istream & istr,
RelatorConjugate & rc ) [inline]

Definition at line 72 of file AP-fixups.h.

ProductOfRelatorConjugates conjugateBy ( const ProductOfRelatorConjugates & product,
const Word & conjugator )

Referenced by Automorphism::Automorphism().

void swap ( T & a,
T & b ) [inline]

Definition at line 86 of file AP-fixups.h.

ostream & operator<< ( ostream & o,
const SGofFreeGroup & sg ) [inline]

Definition at line 96 of file AP-fixups.h.

void excludeFrom ( VectorOf< T > & v,
int i ) [inline]

Definition at line 122 of file AP-fixups.h.

VectorOf<T> cyclicallyPermute ( const VectorOf< T > & v,
int j )

Definition at line 135 of file AP-fixups.h.

void maximalRootInFreeGroup ( const Word & w,
Word & root,
int & power )

Trichotomy conjugacyProblem ( const FreeGroup & G,
const Word & u,
const Word & v,
Word & conjugator )

VectorOf<int> exponentSum ( const Word & w )

Word cyclicallyReduce ( const Word & w,
Word & conjugator )

Word compose ( const VectorOf< Word > & v )

Referenced by HNNExtensionRep::cyclicallyReducedFormOf(), HNNExtensionRep::normalFormOf(), AmalgProductOfFreeGroupsRep::normalFormOf(), AmalgProductOfFreeGroups::normalFormOf(), HNNExtensionRep::reducedFormOf(), AmalgProductOfFreeGroupsRep::reducedFormOf(), and AmalgProductOfFreeGroups::reducedFormOf().

int tailAgreementLength ( const Word & u,
const Word & v ) [inline]

Definition at line 184 of file AP-fixups.h.

int GCD2 ( int a,
int b )

Word cyclicallyShortenByRelators ( const Word & u,
const SetOf< Word > & givenRelators,
Word & conjugator,
ProductOfRelatorConjugates & productOfRelatorConjugates )

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