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/magnus/back_end/Elt/include/Word.h File Reference

#include "Elt.h"
#include "WordRep.h"
#include "Generator.h"
#include "Vector.h"
#include "List.h"
#include "Chars.h"
#include "DerivedObjectOf.h"
#include "Set.h"

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class  Word
class  Word::EmptyWord
class  Word::ProductJunctor
class  Genref


istream& operator>> (istream &istr, Word &)
int maximalRoot (const Word &w)
SetOf<Word>& closeUnderInverses (SetOf< Word > &S)
SetOf<Word>& closeUnderCyclicPermutations (SetOf< Word > &S)
SetOf<Word>& symmetrise (SetOf< Word > &S)
int cancellationLambda (const SetOf< Word > &ss)
Trichotomy hasMetricSmallCancellation (const SetOf< Word > &S, const int lambda)

Function Documentation

istream & operator>> ( istream & istr,
Word & w ) [inline]

Definition at line 94 of file BaseProperties.h.

int maximalRoot ( const Word & w )

Referenced by NilpotentGroupRep::maximalRoot(), and rootLength().

SetOf<Word>& closeUnderInverses ( SetOf< Word > & S )

Referenced by symmetrise().

SetOf<Word>& closeUnderCyclicPermutations ( SetOf< Word > & S )

Referenced by symmetrise().

SetOf< Word > & symmetrise<Word> ( SetOf< Word > & S ) [inline]

Definition at line 405 of file Word.h.

Referenced by FPGroup::computeCancellationLambda().

int cancellationLambda ( const SetOf< Word > & ss )

Referenced by FPGroup::computeCancellationLambda().

Trichotomy hasMetricSmallCancellation ( const SetOf< Word > & S,
const int lambda )

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