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HNNExtOfORGroupGeneric Class Reference

#include <HNNExtOfORGroup.h>

Inheritance diagram for HNNExtOfORGroupGeneric::

HNNExtOfORGroup HNNExtOfORGroupWithTorsion List of all members.

Public Types

enum  NumberOfSubgroup { A = 0, B = 1 }
enum  Pinch { UP, DOWN }

Public Methods

 HNNExtOfORGroupGeneric (const OneRelatorGroup &G, const Chars &stableGenName, const ORGSubgroup &A, const ORGSubgroup &B)
 HNNExtOfORGroupGeneric (const HNNExtOfORGroupGeneric &H)
virtual ~HNNExtOfORGroupGeneric ()
HNNExtOfORGroupGeneric& operator= (const HNNExtOfORGroupGeneric &H)
virtual const ORGSubgroupsubgroup (NumberOfSubgroup i) const
const OneRelatorGroupbasisGroup () const
FPGroup getPresentation () const
Chars nameOfStableGenerator () const
virtual Trichotomy wordProblem (const Word &w) const=0
int lengthOf (const Word &w) const
int lengthOf (const VectorOf< Word > &deco) const
VectorOf<WorddecompositionOf (const Word &w) const
VectorOf<WordreducedDecompositionOf (const Word &w) const
VectorOf<WordnormalDecompositionOf (const Word &w) const
VectorOf<WordcyclicallyReducedDecompositionOf (const Word &w, Word &conj) const
Word mappingFromSubgroup (NumberOfSubgroup subgrp, const Word &w) const
ProductOfRelatorConjugates mappingDecompositionOf (const NumberOfSubgroup &S, const Word &w, const Word &wInSBasis, const Word &tail) const
Generator stableLetter () const
virtual bool operator== (const HNNExtOfORGroupGeneric &G) const

Protected Methods

void printOn (ostream &ostr) const
void printDecomposition (ostream &ostr, const VectorOf< Word > &deco) const
virtual void debugPrint (ostream &ostr) const
virtual void write (ostream &ostr) const
virtual void read (istream &istr)
int powerOfStableGen (int component, const VectorOf< Word > &deco) const
bool suspectPinch (int component, const VectorOf< Word > &deco) const
bool abelianizationTest (const PinchStruct &pinch, const VectorOf< int > &powersOfGens, const VectorOf< bool > &subgroupGens) const
PinchStruct formPinch (int component, const VectorOf< Word > &deco) const
int unusedGenerators (const Word &test, VectorOf< Word > &toNewGens, VectorOf< Word > &toOldGens) const
void init (const HNNExtOfORGroupGeneric &H)

Protected Attributes

Chars theNameOfStableGenerator
ORGSubgroupsubgroups [2]


ostream& operator<< (ostream &ostr, const HNNExtOfORGroupGeneric &H)

Member Enumeration Documentation

enum HNNExtOfORGroupGeneric::NumberOfSubgroup

Enumeration values:

Definition at line 39 of file HNNExtOfORGroup.h.

enum HNNExtOfORGroupGeneric::Pinch

Enumeration values:

Definition at line 40 of file HNNExtOfORGroup.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

HNNExtOfORGroupGeneric::HNNExtOfORGroupGeneric ( const OneRelatorGroup & G,
const Chars & stableGenName,
const ORGSubgroup & A,
const ORGSubgroup & B )

HNNExtOfORGroupGeneric::HNNExtOfORGroupGeneric ( const HNNExtOfORGroupGeneric & H )

virtual HNNExtOfORGroupGeneric::~HNNExtOfORGroupGeneric ( ) [virtual]

Member Function Documentation

HNNExtOfORGroupGeneric& HNNExtOfORGroupGeneric::operator= ( const HNNExtOfORGroupGeneric & H )

const ORGSubgroup & HNNExtOfORGroupGeneric::subgroup ( NumberOfSubgroup i ) const [inline, virtual]

Definition at line 58 of file HNNExtOfORGroup.h.

const OneRelatorGroup & HNNExtOfORGroupGeneric::basisGroup ( ) const [inline]

Definition at line 62 of file HNNExtOfORGroup.h.

FPGroup HNNExtOfORGroupGeneric::getPresentation ( ) const

Chars HNNExtOfORGroupGeneric::nameOfStableGenerator ( ) const [inline]

Definition at line 66 of file HNNExtOfORGroup.h.

virtual Trichotomy HNNExtOfORGroupGeneric::wordProblem ( const Word & test ) const [pure virtual]

Reimplemented in HNNExtOfORGroup, and HNNExtOfORGroupWithTorsion.

int HNNExtOfORGroupGeneric::lengthOf ( const Word & w ) const

int HNNExtOfORGroupGeneric::lengthOf ( const VectorOf< Word > & deco ) const

VectorOf<Word> HNNExtOfORGroupGeneric::decompositionOf ( const Word & w ) const

VectorOf<Word> HNNExtOfORGroupGeneric::reducedDecompositionOf ( const Word & w ) const

VectorOf<Word> HNNExtOfORGroupGeneric::normalDecompositionOf ( const Word & w ) const

VectorOf<Word> HNNExtOfORGroupGeneric::cyclicallyReducedDecompositionOf ( const Word & w,
Word & conj ) const

Word HNNExtOfORGroupGeneric::mappingFromSubgroup ( NumberOfSubgroup subgrp,
const Word & w ) const

ProductOfRelatorConjugates HNNExtOfORGroupGeneric::mappingDecompositionOf ( const NumberOfSubgroup & S,
const Word & w,
const Word & wInSBasis,
const Word & tail ) const

Generator HNNExtOfORGroupGeneric::stableLetter ( ) const [inline]

Definition at line 92 of file HNNExtOfORGroup.h.

virtual bool HNNExtOfORGroupGeneric::operator== ( const HNNExtOfORGroupGeneric & G ) const [virtual]

void HNNExtOfORGroupGeneric::printOn ( ostream & ostr ) const [protected]

Referenced by operator<<().

void HNNExtOfORGroupGeneric::printDecomposition ( ostream & ostr,
const VectorOf< Word > & deco ) const [protected]

virtual void HNNExtOfORGroupGeneric::debugPrint ( ostream & ostr ) const [protected, virtual]

virtual void HNNExtOfORGroupGeneric::write ( ostream & ostr ) const [protected, virtual]

virtual void HNNExtOfORGroupGeneric::read ( istream & istr ) [protected, virtual]

int HNNExtOfORGroupGeneric::powerOfStableGen ( int component,
const VectorOf< Word > & deco ) const [protected]

bool HNNExtOfORGroupGeneric::suspectPinch ( int component,
const VectorOf< Word > & deco ) const [protected]

bool HNNExtOfORGroupGeneric::abelianizationTest ( const PinchStruct & pinch,
const VectorOf< int > & powersOfGens,
const VectorOf< bool > & subgroupGens ) const [protected]

PinchStruct HNNExtOfORGroupGeneric::formPinch ( int component,
const VectorOf< Word > & deco ) const [protected]

int HNNExtOfORGroupGeneric::unusedGenerators ( const Word & test,
VectorOf< Word > & toNewGens,
VectorOf< Word > & toOldGens ) const [protected]

Reimplemented in HNNExtOfORGroup.

void HNNExtOfORGroupGeneric::init ( const HNNExtOfORGroupGeneric & H ) [protected]

Friends And Related Function Documentation

ostream & operator<< ( ostream & ostr,
const HNNExtOfORGroupGeneric & H ) [friend]

Definition at line 101 of file HNNExtOfORGroup.h.

Member Data Documentation

OneRelatorGroup* HNNExtOfORGroupGeneric::theBasisGroup [protected]

Definition at line 177 of file HNNExtOfORGroup.h.

Chars HNNExtOfORGroupGeneric::theNameOfStableGenerator [protected]

Definition at line 178 of file HNNExtOfORGroup.h.

ORGSubgroup* HNNExtOfORGroupGeneric::subgroups[2] [protected]

Definition at line 179 of file HNNExtOfORGroup.h.

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