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SGofFreeGroupRep Class Reference

#include <SGofFreeGroup.h>

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Public Methods

 SGofFreeGroupRep (const FreeGroup &parent, const VectorOf< Word > &gens)
 SGofFreeGroupRep (const FreeGroup &parent, SubgroupGraph SGG)
PureRepclone () const
virtual Type actualType () const
int hash () const
int order ()
Bool isTrivial ()
Bool isFinite ()
Bool isInfinite ()
Bool isAbelian ()
bool isMalnormal (Word &conjugator)
SGofFreeGroupRep* join (SGofFreeGroupRep &SGR)
SGofFreeGroupRep* intersection (SGofFreeGroupRep &SGR)
Bool isNormal ()
VectorOf<Wordnormalizer ()
VectorOf<WordnielsenBasis ()
Word nielsenWord (int i)
Word inNielsenWords (const Word &w)
int rank ()
Elt eval (const Word &w) const
Bool wordProblem (const Word &w) const
Bool conjugacyProblem (const Word &u, const Word &v) const
Bool contains (const Word &w)
Bool contains (const SetOf< Word > &S)
Bool contains (const VectorOf< Word > &V)
Bool contains (const SGofFreeGroupRep &SGR)
Bool equalTo (const SetOf< Word > &S)
Bool conjugateInSubgroup (const Word &w, Word &conjugator)
Bool conjugateInSubgroup (const SetOf< Word > &S, Word &conjugator)
bool conjugateTo (const SetOf< Word > &S)
long powerInSubgroup (const Word &w)
int findIndex ()
VectorOf<WordfindWhiteheadBasis ()
Bool isAFreeFactor ()
Bool generatesTheFreeGroup ()
Word rightSchreierRepresentative (const Word &w)
SGofFreeGroupRep* MHallCompletion ()
void makeSubgroupGraph ()
void printOn (ostream &) const
SGofFreeGroupRep* readFrom (istream &, Chars &) const
void printGenerator (ostream &ostr, int n) const
void printGenerators (ostream &ostr) const
void printWord (ostream &ostr, const Word &w) const

Public Attributes

bool computedNielsenBasis
bool builtSubgroupGraph
SubgroupGraph theSubgroupGraph
FreeGroup theParentGroup

Static Public Methods

Type type ()

Static Public Attributes

const Type theSGofFreeGroupType

Private Methods

SGofFreeGroupRep& operator= (const SGofFreeGroupRep &)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

SGofFreeGroupRep::SGofFreeGroupRep ( const FreeGroup & parent,
const VectorOf< Word > & gens )

Referenced by clone().

SGofFreeGroupRep::SGofFreeGroupRep ( const FreeGroup & parent,
SubgroupGraph SGG ) [inline]

Definition at line 63 of file SGofFreeGroup.h.

Member Function Documentation

PureRep * SGofFreeGroupRep::clone ( ) const [inline, virtual]

Returns a pointer to a copy of the GenericRep object.

Reimplemented from GenericRep.

Definition at line 74 of file SGofFreeGroup.h.

Type SGofFreeGroupRep::type ( ) [inline, static]

Returns unique object type.

Every representation class derived from this should carry a similarly defined type member

Reimplemented from GenericRep.

Definition at line 78 of file SGofFreeGroup.h.

Type SGofFreeGroupRep::actualType ( ) const [inline, virtual]

Returns objects type.

This member serves as the root of all type querying members in this type scheme every representation class derived from this should override this member similarly to return the actual type of the class

Reimplemented from GenericRep.

Definition at line 80 of file SGofFreeGroup.h.

Referenced by SGofFreeGroup::actualType().

int SGofFreeGroupRep::hash ( ) const

Referenced by SGofFreeGroup::hash().

int SGofFreeGroupRep::order ( ) [inline]

Definition at line 88 of file SGofFreeGroup.h.

Referenced by SGofFreeGroup::order().

Bool SGofFreeGroupRep::isTrivial ( ) [inline]

Definition at line 89 of file SGofFreeGroup.h.

Referenced by SGofFreeGroup::isTrivial().

Bool SGofFreeGroupRep::isFinite ( ) [inline]

Definition at line 90 of file SGofFreeGroup.h.

Referenced by SGofFreeGroup::isFinite(), and isInfinite().

Bool SGofFreeGroupRep::isInfinite ( ) [inline]

Definition at line 91 of file SGofFreeGroup.h.

Referenced by SGofFreeGroup::isInfinite().

Bool SGofFreeGroupRep::isAbelian ( ) [inline]

Definition at line 92 of file SGofFreeGroup.h.

Referenced by SGofFreeGroup::isAbelian().

bool SGofFreeGroupRep::isMalnormal ( Word & conjugator )

Referenced by SGofFreeGroup::isMalnormal().

SGofFreeGroupRep* SGofFreeGroupRep::join ( SGofFreeGroupRep & SGR )

SGofFreeGroupRep* SGofFreeGroupRep::intersection ( SGofFreeGroupRep & SGR )

Bool SGofFreeGroupRep::isNormal ( )

Referenced by SGofFreeGroup::isNormal().

VectorOf<Word> SGofFreeGroupRep::normalizer ( )

Referenced by SGofFreeGroup::normalizer().

VectorOf<Word> SGofFreeGroupRep::nielsenBasis ( )

Referenced by SGofFreeGroup::nielsenBasis().

Word SGofFreeGroupRep::nielsenWord ( int i )

Referenced by SGofFreeGroup::nielsenWord().

Word SGofFreeGroupRep::inNielsenWords ( const Word & w )

Referenced by SGofFreeGroup::inNielsenWords().

int SGofFreeGroupRep::rank ( )

Referenced by isAbelian(), isFinite(), isTrivial(), order(), and SGofFreeGroup::rank().

Elt SGofFreeGroupRep::eval ( const Word & w ) const

Referenced by SGofFreeGroup::eval().

Bool SGofFreeGroupRep::wordProblem ( const Word & w ) const

Referenced by SGofFreeGroup::wordProblem().

Bool SGofFreeGroupRep::conjugacyProblem ( const Word & u,
const Word & v ) const

Referenced by SGofFreeGroup::conjugacyProblem().

Bool SGofFreeGroupRep::contains ( const Word & w )

Referenced by SGofFreeGroup::contains().

Bool SGofFreeGroupRep::contains ( const SetOf< Word > & S )

Bool SGofFreeGroupRep::contains ( const VectorOf< Word > & V )

Bool SGofFreeGroupRep::contains ( const SGofFreeGroupRep & SGR )

Bool SGofFreeGroupRep::equalTo ( const SetOf< Word > & S )

Referenced by SGofFreeGroup::equalTo().

Bool SGofFreeGroupRep::conjugateInSubgroup ( const Word & w,
Word & conjugator )

Referenced by SGofFreeGroup::conjugateInSubgroup().

Bool SGofFreeGroupRep::conjugateInSubgroup ( const SetOf< Word > & S,
Word & conjugator )

bool SGofFreeGroupRep::conjugateTo ( const SetOf< Word > & S )

Referenced by SGofFreeGroup::conjugateTo().

long SGofFreeGroupRep::powerInSubgroup ( const Word & w )

Referenced by SGofFreeGroup::powerInSubgroup().

int SGofFreeGroupRep::findIndex ( )

Referenced by SGofFreeGroup::findIndex().

VectorOf<Word> SGofFreeGroupRep::findWhiteheadBasis ( )

Referenced by SGofFreeGroup::findWhiteheadBasis().

Bool SGofFreeGroupRep::isAFreeFactor ( )

Referenced by SGofFreeGroup::isAFreeFactor().

Bool SGofFreeGroupRep::generatesTheFreeGroup ( )

Referenced by SGofFreeGroup::generatesTheFreeGroup().

Word SGofFreeGroupRep::rightSchreierRepresentative ( const Word & w )

Referenced by SGofFreeGroup::rightSchreierRepresentative().

SGofFreeGroupRep* SGofFreeGroupRep::MHallCompletion ( )

void SGofFreeGroupRep::makeSubgroupGraph ( )

void SGofFreeGroupRep::printOn ( ostream & ) const

SGofFreeGroupRep * SGofFreeGroupRep::readFrom ( istream &,
Chars & ) const [inline]

Definition at line 203 of file SGofFreeGroup.h.

void SGofFreeGroupRep::printGenerator ( ostream & ostr,
int n ) const

void SGofFreeGroupRep::printGenerators ( ostream & ostr ) const

void SGofFreeGroupRep::printWord ( ostream & ostr,
const Word & w ) const

Referenced by SGofFreeGroup::printWord().

SGofFreeGroupRep& SGofFreeGroupRep::operator= ( const SGofFreeGroupRep & ) [private]

Member Data Documentation

const Type SGofFreeGroupRep::theSGofFreeGroupType [static]

Definition at line 76 of file SGofFreeGroup.h.

bool SGofFreeGroupRep::computedNielsenBasis

Definition at line 214 of file SGofFreeGroup.h.

bool SGofFreeGroupRep::builtSubgroupGraph

Definition at line 215 of file SGofFreeGroup.h.

VectorOf<Word> SGofFreeGroupRep::theGenerators

Definition at line 217 of file SGofFreeGroup.h.

VectorOf<Word> SGofFreeGroupRep::NielsenBasis

Definition at line 218 of file SGofFreeGroup.h.

SubgroupGraph SGofFreeGroupRep::theSubgroupGraph

Definition at line 220 of file SGofFreeGroup.h.

FreeGroup SGofFreeGroupRep::theParentGroup

Definition at line 225 of file SGofFreeGroup.h.

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