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Word Class Reference

#include <Word.h>

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Public Methods

 Word ()
 Word (const VectorOf< Generator > &v)
 Word (const ListOf< Generator > &l)
 Word (const Generator &g)
 Word (const Elt &e)
int length () const
Generator operator[] (int i) const
Genref operator[] (int i)
Bool operator< (const Word &) const
Word nextInShortLex (int numberOfGens) const
Word nextFreelyReduced (int numberOfGens) const
Word nextCyclicallyReduced (int numberOfGens) const
Word subword (const int i, const int j) const
Word initialSegment (const int i) const
Word terminalSegment (const int i) const
Word findAgreement (const Word &) const
int agreementLength (const Word &) const
Word shortenByRelator (const Word &) const
int numberOfOccurrences (const Generator &g) const
int exponentSum (const Generator &g) const
bool allExponentSumsZero () const
bool isProperPower () const
Generator maxOccurringGenerator () const
Word replaceGeneratorWithWord (const Generator &, const Word &) const
Elt replaceGenerators (const VectorOf< Elt > &eltvec) const
Word replaceGenerators (const VectorOf< Word > &eltvec) const
Word replaceSubword (const int i, const int j, const Word &w) const
Word freelyReduce () const
Word cyclicallyReduce (void) const
Word cyclicallyPermute (const int j) const
Word inverse () const
Word operator * (const Word &w) const
Word operator * (const Generator &x)
Word operator *= (const Word &w)
Word operator *= (const Generator &x)

Static Public Methods

Type type ()
Word wordByLexRank (int numGens, int lexRank)
Word wordByLexRank (VectorOf< int > vi)

Private Types

typedef WordData::GeneratorPtrType GeneratorPtrType
typedef WordData::cGeneratorPtrType cGeneratorPtrType
typedef WordData::GeneratorType GeneratorType

Private Methods

 Word (int len)
 Word (const GeneratorType *p, int len)
 Word (EltRep *rep)


class  Genref
Word operator * (const Generator &x, const Word &w)
Word operator * (const Generator &x, const Generator &y)

Member Typedef Documentation

typedef WordData::GeneratorPtrType Word::GeneratorPtrType [private]

Definition at line 289 of file Word.h.

typedef WordData::cGeneratorPtrType Word::cGeneratorPtrType [private]

Definition at line 290 of file Word.h.

typedef WordData::GeneratorType Word::GeneratorType [private]

Definition at line 291 of file Word.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Word::Word ( ) [inline]

Definition at line 67 of file Word.h.

Referenced by inverse(), and operator *().

Word::Word ( const VectorOf< Generator > & v ) [inline]

Definition at line 72 of file Word.h.

Word::Word ( const ListOf< Generator > & l ) [inline]

Definition at line 77 of file Word.h.

Word::Word ( const Generator & g ) [inline]

Definition at line 82 of file Word.h.

Word::Word ( const Elt & e ) [inline]

Definition at line 85 of file Word.h.

Word::Word ( int len ) [inline, private]

Definition at line 300 of file Word.h.

Word::Word ( const GeneratorType * p,
int len ) [inline, private]

Definition at line 303 of file Word.h.

Word::Word ( EltRep * rep ) [inline, private]

Definition at line 309 of file Word.h.

Member Function Documentation

Type Word::type ( ) [inline, static]

Definition at line 96 of file Word.h.

int Word::length ( ) const [inline]

Definition at line 107 of file Word.h.

Referenced by WtLexRep::balancedEquationFromRelator(), WtShortLexRep::balancedEquationFromRelator(), ShortLexRep::balancedEquationFromRelator(), WtLexRep::getWeight(), WtShortLexRep::getWeight(), ShortLexRep::getWeight(), WordOrderRep::getWeight(), WtLexRep::historyBound(), WtShortLexRep::historyBound(), WordOrderRep::inverse(), SymmetricRelatorsIterator::next(), ORProblems::order(), rootLength(), WtLexRep::signature(), WtShortLexRep::signature(), ShortLexRep::signature(), GraphConjugacyProblem::startComputation(), terminalSegment(), and AmalgProductOfFreeGroupsRep::wordProblem().

Generator Word::operator[] ( int i ) const [inline]

Definition at line 370 of file Word.h.

Genref Word::operator[] ( int i ) [inline]

Definition at line 372 of file Word.h.

Bool Word::operator< ( const Word & ) const

Word Word::nextInShortLex ( int numberOfGens ) const

Word Word::nextFreelyReduced ( int numberOfGens ) const

Word Word::nextCyclicallyReduced ( int numberOfGens ) const

Word Word::subword ( const int i,
const int j ) const

Referenced by initialSegment(), and terminalSegment().

Word Word::initialSegment ( const int i ) const [inline]

Definition at line 141 of file Word.h.

Word Word::terminalSegment ( const int i ) const [inline]

Definition at line 145 of file Word.h.

Referenced by GraphConjugacyProblem::startComputation().

Word Word::findAgreement ( const Word & ) const

int Word::agreementLength ( const Word & ) const

Referenced by tailAgreementLength().

Word Word::shortenByRelator ( const Word & ) const

int Word::numberOfOccurrences ( const Generator & g ) const

int Word::exponentSum ( const Generator & g ) const

bool Word::allExponentSumsZero ( ) const

bool Word::isProperPower ( ) const

Generator Word::maxOccurringGenerator ( ) const

Referenced by FPGroupRep::eval(), AmalgProductOfFreeGroupsRep::eval(), SingularEndo::imageOf(), and WordEnumeratorARCer::setSample().

Word Word::replaceGeneratorWithWord ( const Generator &,
const Word & ) const

Referenced by ElementarySingularEndo::imageOf(), and ElementaryRegularAuto::imageOf().

Elt Word::replaceGenerators ( const VectorOf< Elt > & eltvec ) const

Referenced by Map::imageOf(), and SingularEndo::imageOf().

Word Word::replaceGenerators ( const VectorOf< Word > & eltvec ) const

Word Word::replaceSubword ( const int i,
const int j,
const Word & w ) const

Word Word::freelyReduce ( ) const

Referenced by FPGroupRep::eval(), OneRelatorGroupRep::eval(), LocalWord::freelyReduce(), and CommutatorIterator::makeCommutator().

Word Word::cyclicallyReduce ( void ) const

Referenced by GraphConjugacyProblem::startComputation().

Word Word::cyclicallyPermute ( const int j ) const

Referenced by SymmetricRelatorsIterator::next().

Word Word::inverse ( ) const [inline]

Definition at line 218 of file Word.h.

Referenced by MSCGroup::areEqual(), GraphConjugacyProblem::finishComputation(), Map::generatingImages(), LocalWord::inverse(), CommutatorIterator::makeCommutator(), SymmetricRelatorsIterator::next(), Map::setGeneratingImages(), and tailAgreementLength().

Word Word::operator * ( const Word & w ) const [inline]

Definition at line 222 of file Word.h.

Word Word::operator * ( const Generator & x ) [inline]

Definition at line 226 of file Word.h.

Word Word::operator *= ( const Word & w ) [inline]

Definition at line 238 of file Word.h.

Word Word::operator *= ( const Generator & x ) [inline]

Definition at line 242 of file Word.h.

Word Word::wordByLexRank ( int numGens,
int lexRank ) [static]

Referenced by wordByLexRank().

Word Word::wordByLexRank ( VectorOf< int > vi ) [inline, static]

Definition at line 256 of file Word.h.

Friends And Related Function Documentation

friend class Genref [friend]

Definition at line 295 of file Word.h.

Referenced by operator[]().

Word operator * ( const Generator & x,
const Word & w ) [friend]

Definition at line 230 of file Word.h.

Word operator * ( const Generator & x,
const Generator & y ) [friend]

Definition at line 234 of file Word.h.

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