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Apply each transformation

If we create a tuple from the two relators thus:
(setq r (cons "abaBAB" "AAbbb"))
and call each transformation on r thus:
(dolist (x '(t1 t2 t3 t4 t5 t6 t7 t8 t9 t10 t11 t12)) 
  (print (list x (funcall x r))))
we get the results:
(T1 ("abaBABAAbbb" . "AAbbb")) 
(T2 ("babABA" . "AAbbb")) 
(T3 ("aabaBABA" . "AAbbb")) 
(T4 ("abaBAB" . "AAbbbabaBAB")) 
(T5 ("abaBAB" . "BBBaa")) 
(T6 ("abaBAB" . "AbbbA")) 
(T7 ("babaBABB" . "AAbbb")) 
(T8 ("abaBAB" . "bAAbb")) 
(T9 ("baBABa" . "AAbbb")) 
(T10 ("abaBAB" . "AAAbbba")) 
(T11 ("BabaBA" . "AAbbb")) 
(T12 ("abaBAB" . "BAAbbbb"))

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