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Basic Commands

Axiom includes a browser.

This browser was written in the early 90s and includes several features which were unique at the time, such as hyperlinking, embedded graphics, and tabbed-browsing (called "tear-off pages").

The browser source pages are programmed in a latex syntax.
We define special Axiom latex commands as extensions.
Users are able to write their own pages and extend the system.

From this page you can wander freely around Axiom.
The original book is included as part of the documentation.

The Basic Commands section of the browser is tutorial in nature.

The system, for tutorial purposes, is broken into 5 primary areas.
These areas cover the simple user-related tasks that Axiom provides.

Axiom has many more areas but the tutorial section is not comprehensive.

We break the likely user tasks down into specific categories.

Assuming the user would like to learn how to differentiate a function
we provide input areas for the values.

The differentiate function takes three arguments:
(1) the function to differentiate
(2) the list of variables for differentiation
(3) and a list of powers for the variables

The point of the tutorial is to show the user what command to type.

In this case we show the differentiate command.
Notice that the previous inputs have been collected into the
argument list to show the user the proper syntax.

If this is sufficient then the user can return back to the top.

We also provide the user the ability to see the result using Do It.

If the user chooses Do It the command is sent to the Axiom window.

In this case we see that
is differentiated once with respect to x and twice with respect to y

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